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For me and my brother Giuseppe (silent key) the '70s have represented a nice period of great enthusiasm for the Italian and world motorcycling and we both have had the chance to try out and practice this passion for several years with small personal satisfactions. Today, thanks to another passion, the radio, I take the opportunity to remember my brother Giuseppe, and two great motorcyclists Jarno Saarinen and Renzo Pasolini, well known all over the world, passed away in the tragic accident in the Monza circuit during the motorcycle race of the 250cc Class Grand Prix of May 20, 1973. On this occasion of the 45th anniversary of the tragic death of Jarno Sarinen and Renzo Pasolini, I have prepared a special QSL, I will use my personal call IK1UGX and possibly also IR1M. The cards will be processed via bureao, LoTw, eQSLcc and direct!




Introducing EchoLink

My uncle Franco , R. T. of Italian Air Force.

Mio  zio Franco, nato il 09.06.1917 - deceduto il 03.05.2013. 

R. T. - E.M.B. della Regia Aereonautica

Foto: nei cieli di Alghero a bordo dell' Idrovolante Savoia Marchetti - " S.55 "



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